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Medical Malpractice

Louisiana Parents Receive $3M+ Settlement Over Newborn’s C-Section Death

A Louisiana couple, Tiffany and Cody Chiasson, recently received a $3.7 million jury award from the 32nd Judicial District Court for the Parish of Terrebonne. The award follows the tragic death of their newborn son, Dean, who suffered a brain bleed and skull fracture during a repeat cesarean section. The couple filed a lawsuit against Dr. Sheena Duplantis and Terrebonne General Medical Center, alleging medical malpractice. The jury found that both defendants had breached the standard of care.

Tiffany, a registered nurse who had worked in the NICU at Terrebonne General, went into labor prematurely on December 7, 2015. Despite showing signs of pre-term labor a month earlier, the procedure was initiated without an assistant present, and critical steps, such as monitoring the baby’s heart tones after anesthesia, were allegedly overlooked. Dean’s condition deteriorated rapidly after birth, and despite efforts to save him, he passed away at just two days old. An autopsy report revealed evidence of excessive force during delivery, raising further concerns about the medical care provided.

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