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Ford v. Touro Infirmary, et al:
$2.52 million jury verdict on behalf of a young child whose mother died within weeks of childbirth as a result of emergency room negligence

Hargrove v. LaSalle Parish School Board, et al:
Verdict on behalf of a minor child who sustained serious injury as a result of negligent instruction and supervision in a weight room

Ochsner embryo litigation:
Favorable, confidential settlements reached for couples whose human embryos were mislabeled by a fertility clinic

Medical negligence/malpractice:
Failure to timely deliver infant by cesarean section resulting in cerebral palsy, settlement of $2.986 million (available damages capped by the Louisiana Medical Malpractice Act)

Medical negligence/malpractice:
Failure to diagnose fracture: settlement of $525,000 (available damages capped by the Louisiana Medical Malpractice Act)

Medical negligence/malpractice:
Negligently performed hysterectomy: settlement of $105,000

Premises liability:
Settlement of $50,000

Property damage insurance claim:
Settlement of $73,000

Medical negligence/malpractice:
Verdict on behalf of minor. Physician negligently failed to rule out appendicitis before discharging minor from ER, resulting in 17 days in ICU.

Delay in diagnosis of bowel perforation resulting in wrongful death: $475,000 *

Failure to position patient and follow physician orders resulting in decubitus ulcers: $256,000 *

Failure to monitor patient following surgery: $400,000 *

Failure to safely load patient onto CT table resulting in fall: $425,000 *

Failure to rule out cardiac condition, wrongful death: $495,000 *

Negligently exposing patient to infection: $90,000 *

Failure to safely clear patient for elective surgery, wrongful death: $867,500 *

Failure to safely clear child for cardiac procedure, rapid decompensation, emergency surgery: $370,000 jury verdict *

Negligently losing client’s pathology specimen, unnecessary surgery: $300,000 *

Negligently failing to diagnose pneumonia, wrongful death: $500,000 *

Failure to work-up tendon injury: $125,000 *

Negligent surgery resulting in prolonged hospitalization and wrongful death: $1,650,000 *

Negligently failing to monitor patient after surgery resulting in loss of function: $1,000,000 *

* Statutory Cap of $500,000 plus medical expenses applicable to client’s claims

To date, Kara Hadican Samuels has attained over $20 million in settlements for her clients in cases involving wrongful death and serious personal injury.

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